We Will Remember… the Poppy Banner

The Devon ‘We Will Remember’ Banner has now topped 1,000 poppies donated by people in Devon for relatives who served in WW1.

The banner continues to grow  having 2 new side banners added to enable more lives to be commemorated.

There are a few ‘rogue’ Poppies on the Banner- one in particular from a child of about seven years of age. This little boy came with his Mum and viewed the Banner looked at the memorabillia and decided he too would like to write a Poppy, with no one in his family that they knew of to dedicate the Poppy to, a long discussion ensued, eventually the little boy said in a clear and very determined voice that he wanted to donate the Poppy to Williams daddy . William had been his best friend in Nursery and Williams daddy had been killed in Afganistan 3 weeks after William was born. Needless to say the Poppy is a very important addition to the Banner.

One little girl added her tribute by covering the poppy with kisses – very appropriate and what many people would have liked to do.

A young man came to one of the church venues and wanted to add his tribute – the Poppy was written to remember Harry Patch , Harry had been to this young mans school and had obviously made a very lasting impression. A Howells - poppy banner

Photograph: Adrienne Howells with the Poppy Banner at the RAMM, Exeter

The Banner has proved incredibly popular with everybody , the idea of being able to dedicate a Poppy to someone and have the Poppy added to a public County Commemoration gives great comfort to the older generation .

The younger generation are fascinated by the stories collected and have been eager to add family Poppies to the Banner. Not everyone is able to travel to London and the ‘We Will Remember’ Banner is Devon’s answer to the Poppies in The Moat.

See the attached schedule of exhibitions where you may visit the Poppy Banner over the next few weeks.

For more information about the Banner, please contact Adrienne Howells at tudorthreads@hotmail.com