The Last Post

The Last Post is a mass participation project which is taking place in cities, towns and villages across the UK in November 2014.

Hundreds of people will unite in communities around the nation to remember the impact that the First World War had on their local community and play music from the era as a mark of commemoration.

At every event, the Last Post bugle call will be played to remember someone in their community, not just on bugles but on any instrument from piano to bagpipes, guitar to steel drums. It is a powerful ceremonial call which Last Post participants can make their own as part of a shared community experience.

All community groups are welcome to be part of The Last Post project this November including schools and scout groups, history associations and hospitals, community groups and churches… families and friends

To support participants in the Last Post project, Superact is providing free resources including:

  • a song book of songs from 1914

  • resources to help you research your local history

  • tools to help you organise a free community event

  • a Last Post Plaque to display in your community to mark your involvement in the project

Visit the website to find out how your group or community can get involved in this national commemorative event.  For further information, email:

Virginia Crompton, Executive Producer, The Last Post.