Commemoration of the 1915 International Congress of Women

On April 28, the Peace Palace in The Hague (The Netherlands) participates in the commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the International Congress of Women that took place in the city of The Hague in 1915.

The women who attended this Congress a century ago, were suffragists who up until that time, met every other year through their national organization at the International Women Suffrage Alliance.

Due to the outbreak of World War I, their 1915 meeting could not take place in Berlin. Despite of the war, the idea of solidarity among the women from different countries did remain intact. A small delegation, headed by Dutch suffragist and physician Dr. Aletta Jacobs, believed it to be important to organise a meeting, even during wartime, to discuss the principles of constructive peace.

Photograph: International Congress of Women of 1915 at The Hague

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